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Market in NHS Hospitals

target hospitals with an average footfall of over 8 million people per year

SaniPost is a revolutionary hand cleaning unit for the public, proven to kill 99.9% of germs. NHS trusts have found it easier and more efficient to fight infections as NHS Supply Chain offers SaniPost hand sanitiser stations to hospitals across England and Wales for free. Sanipost stations are free to use, automatic hand cleaning units to help hospitals with their infection control. They dispense sanitiser via a sensor operated device when hands are placed inside. This negates the risk of cross-infection as no surface needs to be touched, something vital in hospitals for staff, patients and visitors alike.

Every day smart marketers have an opportunity to reach out and connect with hospital audiences in a powerful, direct, unique and most effective way. Walk Media makes this connection possible with the exclusive right to advertise on 5000 SaniPost advertising sites situated in NHS hospitals throughout the UK.


Unlike traditional outdoor advertising, SaniPost provides a necessary and much wanted public health service. This means consumers engage in a positive experience while looking at your advertisement.


Your display will be positioned on three sides of the SaniPost. This means that whichever direction people are travelling, they will see your advertisement.

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