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Snakes On a Train

Sankes on a trainThat's right, I did say a train NOT a plane!!!

Jan 2011, Melisa Moorehouse lost her 3 foot snake (Penelope) on a train to Boston, USA. Due to this incident, Moorehouse received a cleaning bill of 650 dollars from the Boston Red Line train company. 
Snakes have been known to spread salmonella bacteria, hence the train had to be disinfected and sanitized. Passengers on the train raised concern about the health risks and diseases that may have spread from coming in contact with the lost snake.
People become ill by contracting salmonella.
While incidents like having a lost snake on a train are rare, it’s good that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is making sure that their trains are properly disinfected after coming in contact with an animal caring a disease.
It’s important to sanitise our hands!! Using SaniPost will kill 99% of germs and since you can’t always know what entered the room and what bacteria might be there as a result, better to be safe!