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Mobile Billboards

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No, we are not talking about a billboard attached to the back of your mobile phone (although they are doing that with credit cards!), we are talking about something stranger, a billboard attached to the back of a human!

That's right, billboards just went mobile!

The traditional way to market in busy city centres and crowded places thriving with potential customers has always been in the form of a fixed, stationary advert, usually out of sight or too far to read.

We think that's not only boring, but totally ineffective, especially today when people ignore 99.9% of the advertising clutter they encounter on a daily basis.

What we believe is if you want something, you need to go out and get it!

So that's exactly what we are offering you today, mobile billboards that can literally walk right up to your potential customers and get them, ensuring that 99.9% of people see it, not ignore it!

Because the mobile billboards are manned by real people, this means that your advertisement can interact with real people too!

How great would it be for a potential customer to walk right up to one of your mobile billboards and be given a leaflet or form to convert them into a new customer?

The opportunities and advantages of using mobile billboards to market are endless.

What could you do with a mobile billboard?

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